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Welcome to HNFNU!

Welcome by President

    Welcome by President

    Time flies quickly and quietly, the towering center of learning has kept its spirits through the time and tide.
    Known as one of the first six faculties of education built in 1903, Hunan First Normal University (HNFNU) has a history of 112 years. The splendid past leaves us the motto “Be a pupil of the people before being their teacher” and the spirit “Be practical and realistic instead of being self-opinionated”.
    This spirit is the root and soul of our college, the inner motivation of normal education and the power engine of generations of students to forge ahead hand in hand and stay together. During the past century, our school has adhered to the true quality of normal education, featuring the cultivation of primary school teachers, and having primary education as the highlight.
    The primary education of our school is the key major in the national level. Moreover, our school is the only undergraduate normal school in China which aims at cultivating excellent primary school teachers. Focusing on the normal education makes us more confident and ambitious.
    Today,the English website, a window to the outside world, is online. With it, we could learn from others and have ourselves heard and understood. I sincerely believe that by doing this we could have more international exchanges and cooperation ties.
    If not climbing mountains, one cannot understand how high the sky is. Our mission is to preserve the highlights of history, pursue truth, cultivate talents and serve the country. We should also uphold the educational idea of “loving education”, adhere to the principle “developing the education and making contributions to the society”.
    We hold dear the dreams, faiths, pursuits and integrity. We aim for excellence and development. I hope the future of our school will be better and better with everyone's efforts.
    We welcome your participation and support!

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